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From scooters and mopeds to four wheeled mobility equipment, we offer it all at great prices and flexible terms. Wheel Around. Lists all our terms and conditions below so that you can make an informed decision. Please read below.

Terms and Conditions

The parties to this agreement are Wheel Around (Hereinafter called the OWNER) and the Customer who rents/uses equipment from Wheel Around (hereinafter called RENTER). The OWNER owns the equipment while the RENTER is “leasing” equipment for a limited number of days, weeks or months

Use of Rental Equipment:

RENTER agrees to use the rental equipment (scooter, manual wheelchair, moped or walkers) for business, leisure or rehabilitation. RENTER agrees to not engage in activities that would damage the product or permit unauthorized friends and family to engage in any unlawful use of the equipment without prior written consent of the OWNER. RENTER agrees to keep the rental equipment in good shape; normal wear and tear is expected.

The rental equipment is to be used by an adult. An adult is defined as any person over the age of 18 years. A minor is considered a person who is less than 18 years. If a minor is the person to use the rental equipment, the use of the rental equipment MUST be with an adult supervision. The OWNER is to be notified in such a case. The individual RENTERS agrees to provide OWNER with a driver's license at the time of any equipment rental. Rentals placed by Hotel event planners, convention centers and cruise organizers for their guests are not required to provide OWNER with any driver's license

Equipment maintenance

RENTER agrees to maintain the rental equipment in his/her possession. Maintenance includes charging the battery of any battery operated equipment in his/her possession, as well as the cleanliness of the equipment.

Equipment Protection Fee

RENTER agrees to pay a non-refundable $9.99 for protection against minor scratches and dents. The equipment protection fee is required at the time of rental. Each equipment protection fee applies to one single rental. For instance, the rental of five (5) equipment requires the purchase of five (5) equipment protection fee.

Destruction of Equipment

RENTER agrees to purchase new replacement equipment for any equipment that is lost, stolen or totally damaged while in the possession of the RENTER. The OWNER’s invoice based on the market price of the equipment is conclusive as the amount the RENTER shall pay for replacement. The new and replacement equipment shall be the same make, style and model of the equipment that is lost, stolen or totally damaged. If the equipment has been discontinued by the manufacturers, OWNER will charge for the replacement of the model manufactured in replacement of the discontinued equipment. Where there is the loss of keys for any battery operated equipment, the RENTER will be charged for the replacement of the keys. The OWNER’s invoice which must be based on the market price of the key is conclusive as the amount the RENTER is to pay for the replacement of the keys. In the event that the equipment is lost or stolen, the RENTER is to file a police report. The OWNER is under no obligation to replace or repair the equipment until the RENTER has paid for the damage, lost or stolen equipment.

Delivery and Pickup Location

The OWNER agrees to not charge the RENTER any delivery and pick-up fees upon booking or reserving the equipment as we provide free delivery services. The RENTER agrees to provide the delivery and pickup location before placing an order. If the delivery and/or pickup location changes, the RENTER agrees to notify the OWNER at least 24 hours before any changes are made. The OWNER agrees to train the RENTER on how to use the equipment at the time of delivery. If delivery is to a Hotel, residential address, airport or cruise, the RENTER agrees to be present to be trained on how to use the equipment. It is the RENTER's duty to ensure that the Hotel will allow OWNER & its representative(s) to deliver to their front desk on the RENTER's behalf. If delivery is at a residential address, RENTER agrees to allow OWNER and its representative(s) to enter RENTER’S premises during pickups and delivery.

Failure to release equipment

Where the RENTER fails to release the equipment at the end of the rental period; the OWNER will charge the RENTER additional fees for the number of days beyond the rental period. In this situation, The OWNER is to charge the RENTER for a period not to exceed 14 days starting from the day the original rental ended. If the RENTER fails to return the equipment after 14 days starting from the date the original rental ended, the RENTER will be charged the full price for a new and replacement equipment of the same make, model and style. No allowance will be made for any rental equipment claimed not to have been used. For instance, if the RENTER decides to rent the equipment for fewer days than originally stated, OWNER will not refund RENTER for the days left. Also no refunds will be made for equipment not used while in the possession of the RENTER.

Residential Delivery

If delivery is to a residential address, RENTER agrees to allow OWNER and its representatives to enter RENTER’S premises during pickups and delivery. RENTER also agrees to ensure that there is an adult present during delivery and pickup. An adult is defined as any person(s) 18 years and above.


RENTER agrees to notify OWNER 48 hours before any cancellations. In such a situation, OWNER agrees to refund RENTER the full price of any rented equipment. If the RENTER provides a cancellation notice less than 48 hours, the RENTER will be charged up to 50% of the rental fees for administrative cost.


At the time of rental, OWNER makes no warranty of any kind regarding the rented equipment, except that OWNER agrees to replace the equipment with similar or identical equipment if the equipment fails to operate according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Such replacement will be made as soon as practically possible after RENTER notifies OWNER and OWNER picks up the non-conforming equipment. The OWNER’s Rental equipment is based on weight capacity. RENTER agrees to notify OWNER of the weight capacity of the RENTER/user at the time of purchase for all phone orders. RENTER agrees to specify RENTER's weight capacity during checkout on the Pricing Page. RENTER agrees to not hold OWNER responsible for any damage to the equipment and/or RENTER due to RENTER’S negligence to abide by the stated weight capacity. RENTER indemnifies and holds OWNER harmless for all bodily injuries sustained by RENTER while equipment is in the RENTER’s possession. The RENTER and OWNER agree to be bound by these terms and conditions upon making payment for any rental equipment. Learn More Our technical staff will clarify your doubts and answer any additional questions. Call now!!!

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